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This collection was inspired by the Plantiecrubs which are dotted around our landscape.  Plantiecrubs are stone structures which protected plants from the elements until they were strong enough to be planted out.  I like the sentiment of strength/protection, so designed this range including medium and large pendant and earrings.  The jewellery doesn't necessarily look like Plantiecrub, but the idea of a rustic, stone circle was my inspiration for this collection.

The Medium pendant comes with an 18" snake chain and the Large pendants comes with a 24" snake chain.  The disk earrings are individually hand made, so no two pairs will be exactly the same. 

Click on any image below to take you to a page with more information.

medium  pendant    £70

large pendant    £95

earrings (open)    £65

earrings (disk)   £70

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